Torture of minor girl by acting judge ignites uproar

Torture of minor girl by acting judge ignites uproar

ISLAMABAD: The torture of a minor girl employed in the residence of acting judge, ignited uproar in the country as Child Rights Movement (CRM) and large number of civil society activists, organisations and networks from all over Pakistan protested to strongly condemn the cruelty the little girl had to face.

In a statement, the civil society activists also condemned the ‘so-called’ resolution of the case against the judge and his spouse, demanding the concerned authorities for the long-term solution to prevent the future brutality against children. “This case has yet again highlighted the evident evils in Pakistani society, its laws and the justice administration system”, the statement added.

We had not forgotten the barbarism in the video of the Kasur children, and now, we are shown heartlessness from a serving judge who broke several laws, but walked away free, after reaching a so-called “compromise” and “forgiveness” agreement with the child’s parents.

“There is a failure of justice every time the compromise and forgiveness loophole in the law is exploited, as in this case by the judge and his spouse, as a convenient tool, employed mostly against the poor and downtrodden by the rich and powerful in Pakistan”, the statement concluded.

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