Abdul Rahman Malik

Human Organ Trade in Global Perspective

Human Organic Trade has become a lucrative Business in black market  as some medical professionals, Nurses and middlemen  are involved in this malpractice putting the lives of people at stake. Even some poverty ridden communities  sell their organs to feed their children and cover their  domestic costs .The Middlemen sell the organs in millions whiling offering peanuts to the organ sellers . Though there are strict  restrictions in place on such illegal  practices globally , yet the , Organ Trafficking continues  unabatedly  through the world specially in Africa   , Asia and the countries where poverty ratio is  relatively high and the nations hit by political turmoil . Iran is the only country where organ transplant has state permission and everyone can buy and sell organs as per WHO reports . Iran’s economy has been paralyzed due to strict US economic sanctions . The other reason of trafficking may be the  maximum number of unemployment ,bad governance , backwardness ,illiteracy and poverty that prompts people to sell their organs such as Liver , kidney etc to support their family and children during hard times . The Human Organ trafficking has also been prevented in UN resolutions  .