KP Assembly passes Conflict of Interest Bill 2016

KP Assembly passes Conflict of Interest Bill 2016

PESHAWAR: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly unanimously passed three bills on Conflict of Interest, Universities (amendment) and Galiyat Development Authority on Friday.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Conflict of Interest Bill 2016 was tabled on June 2014 in the provincial Assembly. It advocates that any member of the provincial assembly will not use office for personal use or for their family members. It was discussed in the select committee for two years before getting passed.

Under this law if a public office holder violates any of the provision of the law, they will be declared publicly to have committed conflict of interest and that declaration shall be used for initiation of disciplinary or penal action or both against the public office holder. It also has a provision of monetary penalty.

The select committee which was constituted for this bill included the Governor KP, Chief Minister and his cabinet members, advisors, special assistants, the Speaker of the assembly, Chief Secretary, Additional Chief Secretary, Advocate General, Additional Advocate General, Assistant Advocate General, Political Secretary, consultant to the chief minister and opposition members of KP assembly.

The assembly also passed The KP Universities Amendment Act 2016, after being presented by select committee adopting amendment of lawmaker Muhammad Idrees.

In the bill the qualification criterion for a vice chancellor has been relaxed and his removal procedure has also been made easy. The governor can terminate the vice chancellor for 90 days and can completely remove him too.

The Vice Chancellor shall hold the office during the pleasure of the chancellor but he/she would be granted an opportunity to be heard.

The house also passed 'The Galiyat Development Authority Act 2016' adopting amendments of lawmaker Aamna Sardar pertaining to the composition of the authority.

On the occasion Chief Minister Perveez Khattak thanked the opposition and cabinet members in the provincial assembly, adding that it was a milestone in the history of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa as well as in Pakistan that Conflict of Interest Bill was passed.

He further said that the bill was discussed in the select committee as members of the committee were Chief Secretary, opposition leaders and ministers and all the stake holders were taken in confidence and after much consultation for more than two years it was passed today.

On a question from the Jammat-e-Islami lawmaker Muhammad Ali about the PK-92 Constituency that RHC was not functional in Shringal area as there was no staff available for 274 thousand populations in the area while the construction and equipment for the said areas was purchased some eight years before.

The senior Minister Health Shahram Khan Tarakai assured the member provincial assembly that on emergency basis they will send an MBBS doctor for the RHC and requested the finance department to sanction the post if there is building and equipment available.

About the contaminated water in Malakand division Muhmmad Ali said that because of the use of contaminated water most of the people of Malakand were facing different diseases and the public health engineering department not take any tangible steps to provide clean drinking water to the people of the area.

On reply to the question Minister Shah Farman said that his department has limited schemes for drinking water and that were distributed on need bases as there was some harsh cross talking between the two coalition partner when the CM interrupt and cool them.

Qurban Ali a member of the provincial assembly raises the question on the repatriation of Afghan refugees and asking the speakers to table this issue on the floor of the assembly.

"The friends of Pakistan who were living for the last 37 years in the country should be send like friend not an enemy", he added.

The speaker Asad Qaiser said that this was a sensitive issue and we will discuss it completely in the next session of the assembly.

The session was adjourned to Monday.