Can Bhutan be fixed?

Can Bhutan be fixed?

Me: Yes!


Munna: How?


Me: Well, you have to change the captain!


Munna: Huh?


Me: You see, 1 extremely powerful stakeholder has led Bhutan in every real sense and if Bhutan is broken then you first have to agree to try a different captain.


Munna: Why are we talking about Bhutan again?


Me: Whom else should we be talking about?


Munna: Pakistan


Me: Abay aghwa karwae ga!


Munna: Whatever


Me: Yar, the thing is that I know tons of Bhutanese and they are fine folks, a great majority of them, why is it then that their country is such a basket case amongst league of nations?


Munna: And why is that?


Me: Primarily because the majority of Bhutanese, or their representatives, are not the ones calling the actual shots in Bhutan.


Munna: Abbay for almost a decade now there is a civilian PM in Pakistan.


Me: What does that has to do with Bhutan?


Munna: Right!?


Me: Munna the thing is that civilian PM of Bhutan didn’t have a say in the foreign policy, economic policy or any other strategic policy of the country.


Munna: Then why do civilians put up with the façade?


Me: ‘cause ghareeb admi, PM house is rad. And you get to ride in BMW’s n helicopters. Besides its not like you don’t call any shots, you still get to be the mayor of Lahore.


Munna: damn son, there is a Lahore in Bhutan?


Me: Don’t act fresh Munna. It’s a typo.


Munna: Anywho, who should be the new captain of Bhutan and how?


Me: Yeh mushkil sawal pootch lia tumnay Munna. So civilians tried to adopt the policy of appeasement and hoped that slowly but surely common sense and democracy will take root and eventually Bhutan will be like other civilized nations of the world.


Munna*grinning*: And how is that working out?


Me: Not so good. Bhutan’s armed forces are no less involved in politics or any less influential when calling the shots on foreign, economic or any strategic policy, compared to the martial law of Gen Zinpa-ul-Puk.


Munna: What kind of name is Zinpa-ul-Puk?


Me: Munna whats in a name?


Munna: Right!


Me: So I was saying, appeasement didn’t work. Financial stakes of letting go are too high.


Munna: So, now what?


Me: Well, if the ousted PM of Bhutan one Mr. Napam Puneef was a real leader, he would take the military head on like his bff Tayyep Ardogan in Turkey. But he wont!


Munna: And why is that?


Me: well for one because he is afraid of dying ala ex pm of Bhutan Naponeer Huttoo.


Munna: What happened to her?


Me: She was killed like it aint no thing.


Munna: But isn’t Napam Puneef like 900 years old and its almost time to go anyway, why not do something truly brave and set the country on the right course?


Me: He should. But he cant alone, even if he tried.


Munna: if Ardogan can, why cant Napam Puneef?


Me: Abbay because Ardogan wasn’t a 2 bit thief who looted and plundered in his past life.


Munna: Why the hell are you propping up a 2 bit thief then?


Me: Because I think he has matured now and he is still more competent to run Bhutan than any chief of army staff or chief justice, but he cant do it alone.


Munna: Can we wrap this up already? I am hungry.


Me: Here is the bottom line, Munna, those who love Bhutan must realize that Bhutan will remain in this same rut if we keep doing the same thing over and over, and by that I mean continue captaincy of Army and now patronage of status quo by judiciary.


Munna: Sure, do you have any Fauji cornflakes; all of a sudden I have a hankering for cereal.


Me: Napam Puneef should take a lead and take in confidence all those that enjoy the real mandate of people. He can’t fight this alone. He has to somehow bring Apaf Mardari on board and he has to engage the exiled Pumtaf Shussein and the disgruntled leaders of Balochistan. Even then it will be a long painful struggle.


Munna: Balochistan?


Me: I meant Shamopistan!


Munna: Isn’t it just easier to cut a deal and be happy with mayor-ship of Lahore?


Me: Yes it is. But it’s disingenuous and its insincere and Napam Puneef knows it. If he still chooses to be petty and selfish then Bhutan and Allah will not forgive him.


Munna: Allah kahan say aagaya bhai!


Me: Allah is everywhere my friend, you can fool everyone but at the end, ultimate justice awaits


Munna: Ok Zakir Naik, can we please eat?


Me: Chal Chalyay.