“The one change that may occur is more pressure from Republican voices in Congress on finding a diplomatic solution to the conflict,” he said.

More of the same on China; Iran nuclear deal revival endangered

On China, an increasingly contentious US rival, Bennett and McConnel voiced agreement: no major policy changes, regardless of the midterm results.

“Both Democrats and Republicans in the House and Senate have favored tougher economic policies toward China, so the increased tension in US relations with China over the last several years will likely continue no matter who wins the midterms,” Bennett said.

If the Republicans are victorious, he said he expects tighter constraints on immigration, less support for international environmental negotiations, a more assertive policy toward Iran, and less support in general for NATO – all showing a move back towards Trump administration policies.

McConnel said a Republican-led Congress will oppose the Biden administration’s push to revive the Iran nuclear deal after Trump unilaterally withdrew from it in 2018.

“So a return to that agreement would become even more difficult than it has been in the past two years,” he said.

“Congressional attitudes towards Israel and Saudi Arabia would shift back to the traditional, more friendly Republican stance,” he said, adding that there are no changes likely in Washington’s position on China, Venezuela, or North Korea.​​​​​​​