Orangi protester dies of police firing

Orangi protester dies of police firing

KARACHI: A middle age man wounded on Sunday during the violent protest between the residents of Orangi Town neighborhood and the police has died after he succumbed to his injuries during treatment at hospital on Monday.

55-year-old Asghar Imam, son of Kashif Imam was shot and wounded near to his residence at Sector 11 in Orangi Town on Sunday when the residents of Orangi Town were staging protest against the rising incidents of street crimes in their locality and the police was attempting to disperse them.

He was taken to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries on Monday. The family also claimed that his killing has proved that the police opened fire at the protesters. Imam's nephew was also arrested by the police.

Police officials have said that they was negotiating with the protesters when someone from the protesters started firing. The police claimed that the victim died by the firing of the unidentified persons within the protesters.

On other hand, to take revenge, the police have registered a case in which police has included section 7 of the Anti Terrorism Act (ATA) clause against more than 250 people for protesting against the rising incidents of crime within their locality. The case was registered on behalf of the state at Pakistan Bazaar police station.

Besides placing Sections of rioting, attacking the police, the police have also placed Section 7 of the anti-terrorism act against the protesters. Islam Chowk area of the Orangi Town had become a battle ground on Sunday when hundreds of residents of Orangi Town had gathered at Islam Chowk to hold a stage against the rising incidents of street crimes.

When Daily Times contacted spokesperson, Sindh police, Sohail Jokhio, he refused to issue any statements in this regard. However, police authorities issued investigations to probe into the matter.

"We have nominated 31 suspects while 9 others have been arrested," said Orangi division SP Hassan Sardar, efforts are also being made to arrest the remaining suspects.

On contacting DIG West, Zulfiqar Larik informed that that he will probe into the mater and if police have used ATA laws illegally then an action will be taken against the police.

According to the details, despite passage of more than two years into Karachi operation, which had started to eliminate the criminals and violent groups, Orangi town is still the hub of the organized criminals and violent groups and Karachi's majority of the drug dens are being operated in the neighborhood. According to the local residents, Orangi police is supporting the street criminals and drug peddlers.

Mobile phone snatching, armed robberies and Ariel firing is still a routine matter in Orangi Town; and on Sunday irked by the crimes, hundreds of the residents of the Orangi Town throng into the streets to protest against the Orangi police's attitude and had claimed that the police is supporting street criminals and robbers in the neighborhood.

To disperse the angry protesters, police had not only baton charged them, but had also opened fire and tear gassed the protesters. More than two dozens were injured including Asghar Imam who has succumbed to injuries.

A local resident of the area, Muhammad Hassan said that on one hand the recently appointed IG Sindh AD Khawaja had issued directives to launch operation against drug mafia, but we have came to know that the Organi police is fully supporting them. "We also came to know that local police is also taking huge money from them, which is also being sent to the higher ups of the Sindh police. This is the only reason due to which the police is not ready to take any action against drug mafia and is supporting street criminals and violent groups."

A Local social activist Gul Rahim Khan said that there are several drug dens, which are being operated with the help of police.