MQM-H will celebrate ‘Muhajir culture day’ soon: Shamshad Ghauri

MQM-H will celebrate ‘Muhajir culture day’ soon: Shamshad Ghauri

KARACHI: The Vice Chairman of Muhajir Qaumi Movement-Haqiqi, Shamshad Khan Ghauri has said on Saturday that if feelings of patriotism can be expressed through 'culture day celebrations' then they would also organize program to celebrate 'Muhajir Culture Day'.

During a press conference held at Karachi Press Club he said that government machinery is targeting their party to hinder their political activities. 'Fake cases have been registered against our political workers and they are nominated in various cases including drug smuggling and weapons'.

"The government machinery is hand-in-glove with its officials in the crackdown against our party for getting financial benefits" he claimed, "this is not only degrading the image of government institutions but also creating sense of discrimination among Muhajirs".

"Our party leadership has accepted all nations as stake holders of the city because our party believes in the politics of reconciliation"

To a question, he said," there are at least fifty million people living in Pakistan and we cannot change our identity, why should we change ourselves? Why Sindhis, Balochis or Panjabis are not converting their identity and merging them into Muhajirs? He asked

Recalling the time of Musharaf he said that their party has faced the worse circumstances. "Our party was suppressed, and the circle of our movement was reduced but we did not compromise over the party mandate and its principles, neither have we ever changed our identity. "Discriminatory attitude of Sindh Government compelled us to do Muhajir Politics and we would continue our struggle until the achievement of our rights".

He appealed to the Supreme Court, Director General Rangers and higher authorities to take notice against this discrimination of injustice.

Finance Secretary, Tanveer Quraishi, General Secretary,Shahid Faraz, Joint Secretary Waseem Ahmed and others were also present on the occasion.



Published in Daily Times, August 13th 2017.