Fiscal 2016-17: KMC misses first half-year revenue target

Fiscal 2016-17: KMC misses first half-year revenue target

KARACHI: Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has received Rs 6.34billion less than its receivables total chunk of Rs 11.48billion on different heads during the Fiscal 2016-17, said KMC Finance Department.

In a report submitted to mayor, deputy mayor and municipal commissioner Karachi, KMC finance director said the Sindh government did not make full payment in December 31, 2016, in the head of Octroi, Zila Tax and Grand-in-Aid. Sindh government's half-yearly budget target was 4.73 billion but Rs 4.55 billion was paid to KMC.

According to OZT and Grant-in-Aid, the Sindh government paid Rs 1.22 billion to KMC in July, Rs 855 million in August, Rs 606 million in September, Rs 606 million in October, Rs 651 million in November and Rs 606 in December 2016.

KMC would not get budget amount from KDA and Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) that stands at Rs 6.488 billion, including Local Tax. The said amount is distributed among six District Municipal Corporations.

The report said that Karachi Electric owes Rs 1.78 billion to KMC. Revenue receipts of parking fee at Hawksbay Truck Stand, Aquarium Clifton and KMC Information Technology Department stand at zero as these departments remained idle in their respective official obligations.

According to a finance report, KMC Food Department collected Rs 590,000 during December 31, 2016, (88.24% less than target), Transport and Communication gathered Rs 11,74,000 (81.42 less than target), Enterprise and Investment Promotion Rs 3.2 million (93.42 less than target), KMC Medical and Health Services Rs 6.52million (85.59 less than target), Store and Procurement Rs 2,000 (99.74 less than target), Municipal Commissioner Secretariat Rs 2,60000 (97.29 less than target), District Medical Services Rs 1,31000 (95.44 less than target), Works and Services Department Rs 2.46 million (70.85 less than target), Finance Department Rs 151.37 million (29.98 less than target), Parks and Horticulture Department Rs 7.98 million (57.32 less than target), Veterinary Department Rs 3.15 million (93.75 less than target), Culture and Sports Complex Rs 3.85 million (74.07 less than target), Karachi Zoo and Landhi Korangi Zoo Rs 26.92 million (0.52 less than target), Safari Park Rs 5.17 million (65 less than target), Alladin Park Rs 15.93 million (0.63 less than target), from sale of tenders and graveyard income Rs 287 million (45.69 less than target), Solid Waste Management Rs 14.29 million (13.40 less than target), Fire Brigade Rs 2.41 million (52.57 less than target), Municipal Utility Charges tax Rs 122.36 million (75.73 less than target), Land Revenue II Rs 42.35 million (92.88 less than target), Project Director Orangi Rs 12.94 million (86.86 less than target), Katchi Abadis Rs 7.15 million (71.63 less than target), Estate Department Rs 70.59 million (81.27 less than target), Charged Parking and Toll Tax Rs 23.91 million (69.60 less than target), and KMC Enforcement Department received Rs 15.67 million (68.90 less than target). The total revenue shortfall in term of percentage stands at 44.80 percent.

Meanwhile, the total revenue receipts of KMC stood at Rs 22.80 billion but the entity received was Rs 6,34 billion in six months out of its set target of Rs 11.49 billion.