A beheading in London

Honesty must also be reflected back to the Muslim community. The question is simple. Do you come in peace or do you come to trouble our civilisation?

A beheading in London

9/11, 7/7, the Fort Hood massacre, the underwear bomber, the Boston Marathon bombing, the public butcher and the beheading of an English soldier on the streets of London. I no longer refer to these events as terror attacks. I note them as Muslim on non-Muslim violence.

Fusilier Lee Rigby was killed in a savage attack for which there are insufficient descriptive words in the English language. Atrocity? The word lacks strength. The intense suffering of the victim gives way to a lack of any real language conveyance that rises to the level of the crime. Imagine yourself as the victim. You walk along a busy pedestrian sidewalk. This is London, a cosmopolitan city and a great place to live. It is daytime. There is no reason to look over your shoulder in fear. Suddenly, you are assaulted with knives and a meat cleaver by men shouting that God is great. As they carve up your insides you are still alive. You pray that you will lose consciousness before the beheading.

In the aftermath, the official government script is no less mutilated than the latest corpse. Prime Minister John Cameron declares the carnage “a betrayal of Islam”. His palsied response belies his addled government script that no longer satisfies the public. His words incur a greater risk; that of a deep-seated resentment that slowly builds within the chests of the Englishmen. Platitudes deepen emotional wounds. Truth heals.

The script reigns above Queen and country. It is superimposed over the Union Jack. Comment capabilities have been disabled by the major British news organisations covering this story. I understand the danger of digital platforms that provide for voice magnification. My private corridor writing addresses the scrubbing of sites run by hostile provocateurs. But a public beheading on the streets of London is a fear-generating nightmare. Citizens deserve the right to voice their outrage. It is wise to allow a limited digital flashpoint in public comments regarding the beheading of Rigby rather than to risk brewing street protest flashpoints at a later date. Human behaviour modifies and accelerates when perceiving a selective governmental deafness toward citizens’ concerns.

The English citizens are indeed afraid. There has been mention of an ‘English Spring’. Michael Adebolajo made a threat against future generations of families of English stock: “...We state by the Almighty Allah that we will never stop fighting you...your people will never be safe...” The assailant was British. But there is an almost imperceptible and growing consensus that being British and being English are not the same thing. This sprouting view runs counter to immigration policies that eschew assimilation and allow a stake to be driven into the heart of a civilisation. A demographic that seeks to erase a culture and supplant European public traditions are rapidly becoming persona non grata.

Jihad portals snipe that individual wolves have invaded the UK. Not all have ‘invaded’ the nation. The threat is from legal immigrants who, like Michael Adebolajo, entertain a Messiah complex with a message of violence.

An English soldier was attacked and killed. A giddy assailant displayed his blood-caked hands. The best the government can muster is the standard reply. Islam in the west is a religion of peace. Kaboom! The attacks are not committed by Muslims. Rat-a-tat-tat! No ‘true’ Muslim would ever consider such an act. Slice!

Members of the English Defence League are cast as extreme right agitators. They see their way of life threatened by non-assimilated Muslim immigrants. It is likely they feel their government does not care about the English traditions. The government tends to the wounded Muslim psyche but does not identify with the horror of the beheading of a citizen on home soil.

I refuse to accept the betrayal of Islam script because it is a terrible one in the aftermath of the latest Muslim on non-Muslim violence. With tensions this high, a mutilated script must be replaced with words that rarely pass the lips of a politician. That word is ‘honesty’. The least owed the family of Rigby is an honest script, which identifies how the movement of immigrants into a radicalised stream allows for a beheading on a London street. Using the word terror turns such attacks into entities or events as opposed to identifying the human dimension of the equation. Adebolajo did not take out his anger on a tree stump.

Perhaps an additional aspect required for an honest script is an acknowledgement that MI5 did not truly regard a warning from the Kenyan government. Was a psychologically weaponised man allowed to return to the United Kingdom in the hope of catching a bigger fish? We will never know for sure. But it seems logical that a Muslim with a propensity for jihad tourism would catch the eye of the security apparatus. My personal belief is that snakes should not be watched. They should be smoked out of their holes. Adebolajo was smoked out in Kenya. He should have been placed on a no-fly list and bequeathed the status of an eternal vagabond. It was the punishment of Cain (Genesis 4:10).

Honesty must also be reflected back to the Muslim community. The question is simple. Do you come in peace or do you come to trouble our civilisation?

The west must maintain her vast array of personal liberties. The Muslim world of the 21st century is politically ablaze, in a state of decay, or exists as corrupted police states that do not trust their own citizens. Democratic governance works. Democracy, hence personal freedoms, must be maintained. Worship must remain an issue of the heart and not the state. State-mandated religion is a shackling device. Freedom of conscience is the true religion of mankind. As a member of a free society, I choose Christianity! You also choose, based on your freedom of conscience.

Immigration policies will increasingly turn against the tide of migration from Muslim lands. And why not? There was a beheading in London in broad daylight. It touched the marrow of what it means to be English.


The writer is a freelance journalist and author of the novel Arsenal. She can be reached at tammyswof@msn.com