Fantasy drama : The cast and crew of ‘Mor Mahal’ host a meet-and-greet session with press

The fantasy play revolves around Umair Jaswal portraying Nawab Asif Jahan of the fictional state of Jahanabad

Fantasy drama :  The cast and crew of ‘Mor Mahal’ host a meet-and-greet session with press

KARACHI: Following the launch of the sensational and epic fantasy drama ‘Mor Mahal’, Geo TV organised a special meet-and-greet session with the cast and crew of the Pakistani television industry’s most phenomenal drama on Tuesday.

Director Sarmad Khoosat’s ‘Mor Mahal’ aired in Pakistan, on Sunday on Geo TV’s primetime 8pm until 9pm. Bringing together a combination of the Mughal era with Greek, Egyptian and Turkish aesthetic elements.

The fantasy play revolves around singer/turned actor Umair Jaswal in his first acting role, portraying the Nawab Asif Jahan of the fictional state of Jahanabad and the women of his harem including actress and model Meesha Shafi and Fizza Ali; the oracle Sania Saeed and Badshah Begum Hina Bayat Khan. Mor Mahal’s eccentric story line and the sudden twists and turns of its plot give the audience a taste of royalty, glamour and power-scheming at its primal form. This drama is conceptualised by one of Pakistan’s most creative minds Imran Aslam who is also the president of Geo TV Network.

The press conference, organised for media personnel and bloggers not only offered the audience an insight into this phenomenal drama, produced by the highly regarded Babar Javed, but also provided the cast an opportunity to share their experience on the sets.

The drama’s vivid collection of 39 soundtracks, ranging from raags to pop music was also aired for the first time at this conference after, which the floor was open for a Q&A session with the cast. The event coincided with the announcement of 100,000 likes on Facebook for ‘Mor Mahal’, with the highlight of the event being a performance of “Shahanshah-e-Waqt” by Umair Jaswal.

‘Mor Mahal’ is the most-talked-about and expensive TV production in Pakistani history. The creators paid close attention to each and every intricate detail; from the unique story line to the costumes and aesthetics. The exemplary team behind this show promises a breakthrough in Pakistani drama industry norms, re-defining the process of making a period fantasy with a combination of classical and contemporary techniques. Jaswal, Hina Bayat Khan, Ali, Kinza Salim, Ali Salim and Sonia Nazir were some of the names from the ‘Mor Mahal’ cast who showed up and reminisced about the drama serial in this meet and greet, which was held at a local hotel with the PR of the event being managed by Raspberry PR & Events. The evening concluded with a scrumptious high tea.