Eat, drink, sleep, repeat!

Yasir Ali Noon is the restaurant’s new co-owner, putting forth mouth-watering delicacies, which are not just appetising to look at but are rich in flavour and taste

Eat, drink, sleep, repeat!

LAHORE: There has been an exciting new twist to the delicious tale that Café Latch told!

Under the culinary auspices of businessman-turned-chef Yasir Ali Noon, the popular eatery has revamped its menu, offering a number of delectable delicacies that were not available earlier. These have been introduced, prepared and curated by Yasir Ali Noon, a passionate foodie and an enterprising individual.

Yasir is the restaurant’s new co-owner, rubbing shoulders with Hassan Agha, to put forth mouth-watering delicacies, which are not just appetising to look at but are rich in flavour, taste and aroma.

Yasir has been trained at the School of Culinary & Finishing Arts (SCAFA), Lahore and knows his craft like the back of his hand. He is young, charming, enterprising and a quick individual who puts perfection to his game.

Born and bred in a family that never had anything to do with the food business, other than his father and himself working together in the export business of oranges from their farms during winter, Yasir discovered his love for food and his passion to outplay, outsmart and ‘outcook’ all chefs we have in the city right now.

Taking cues from his time spent at SCAFA, learning the art of professional cooking, Yasir proves he is a fast learner-turned-meticulous worker. Yasir has quite a few projects lined up nationwide, to cater wholly and solely to foodies, and so fingers crossed, let’s see how that turns out. Until then, we’ll rely on his new menu at Latch to keep us entertained.

STRENGTHS: During one of my many trips to Café Latch, I noticed how the brand new additions to the menu introduced by Yasir, stood out for their unique presentations and taste.

All these have been prepared by Yasir himself, with his distinct recipes, which make the food items, truly stand out.

Dynamite Prawns, Fried Calamari and Honey-Glazed Chicken Wings were some of the appetisers that I tried from Yasir’s menu. Yes, I know the season doesn’t call for it, but the seafood lover in me couldn’t resist the platter of Dynamite Prawns, medium serving priced at Rs 750, whereas the large serving is available for Rs 1,100. You absolutely cannot stop yourself from gorging on this particular appetiser worth mentioning. The richness of the taste, the sweetness of the texture and the rarity of its flavour were some key features of the dish, which enticed me to stop myself from stopping myself!

I loved the Citrus Salad, which is priced at Rs 525. It’s a fusion of oranges and pomegranates with walnuts and feta cheese. Going by the fact that it has fruits and nuts involved, the salad is refreshing, colourful and completely different from the kinds I’ve tried during my food critique sessions. People indeed, eat with their eyes and to have such a beautiful looking salad on the menu, Yasir has indeed hit a sixer with this one!

He has also introduced the Crispy Chicken Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing, and I know I’m trying this out the next I go there again. This particular salad seems like a complete meal in itself and I recommend to all fitness addicts and weight watchers to try this out.

From their main course, the Old Fashioned Grilled Cheese, priced at Rs 895, is equally delectable from its presentation to its taste. The recipe seems so simple, it makes one wonder they can easily make it at home, but the crispiness and the appropriate mix of cheese and other ingredients it contains, only Yasir himself knows the trick. It’s best to leave your genius at home and head to Latch to try this baby out!

The Stuffed Chicken Breast, priced at Rs 650 is a must-order during your visit there. Why? It’s a quick fill, doesn’t mess up your hands and keeps you from ordering dessert, if you’re watching your weight like a hawk.

WEAKNESSES: I would like if Yasir experiments with beverages as well, considering the scorching season which is upon us, and perhaps an initiative like that to go with his culinary delights would further his game.

Desserts, of course! We all have tried chef Muneeze Khalid’s sweet treats at Latch and now I’m curious to see what he has up his sleeve when it comes to dessert items.

Bon appetit! Your next or probably first visit to Latch would definitely not be your last. Yasir takes care of that.



Published in Daily Times, July 18th , 2017.