‘No clearing agent involved in illegal business at Torkham’

‘No clearing agent involved in illegal  business at Torkham’

KHYBER AGENCY: warAll Customs Clearing Agents Association President Abdullah Shini has said that all customs clearing activities being carried out at Torkham border are illegal but some of the representatives of the transport community are striving to derail these activates.

Addressing a press conference at Landi Kotal Press Club on Wednesday, Shinwari said that some elements with vested interests were trying to malign customs agents by suggesting their involvement in illegal business. "The Torkham Customs Centre handles import-export transactions worth millions of rupees every day and conducts its operations in compliance with all the rules and regulations," he said.

Joined by dozens of colleagues, including former chairman of the association, Shinwari said that interference in their lawful trade would be equivalent to depriving them of earning a square meal for their families, adding that they would not let troublemakers disturb the peaceful environment at Torkham.




Published in Daily Times, July 27th 2017.