PTI workers call for immediate intra-party polls

PTI workers call for immediate intra-party polls


PESHAWAR: On one hand the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) workers are demanding intra party election while on the other hand the nominated members of the provincial cabinet are using delaying tactics and denying the workers to access the central leadership in favour of their demands.

The workers of the PTI are demanding of the party chairman Imran Khan to hold intra party elections and fill the provincial cabinet through proper election instead of nomination by the core committee of the party.

However, the district Nazim Peshawar, Muhammad Asim Khan, said while speaking to Daily Times that the issue pertaining to intra party election was the affair of the central leadership. He said that the workers' demand to hold intra-party election could be justified but the leadership of the party and its chairman Imran Khan might have a better understanding of the party affairs.

Muhammad Asim Khan said that the nomination made by the core committee for the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) cabinet should be accepted by every worker of the party and therefore they should wait for the proper time for the intra party election.

Muhammad Asim suggested to the workers that if they had any reservation, questions and demand in favour of intra-party election and party nomination they should contact the central leadership and the core committee instead of creating agitation now and then.

"The workers of the PTI simultaneously reject the nomination policy of the core committee for the provincial cabinet and demand immediately the long awaited intra-party election in the province," the workers of PTI said.

The party workers held a meeting in Peshawar under the leadership of Zafarullah Khattak, former president of the PTI. They urged Imran Khan for stopping the nomination of the MPAs and district council representatives for the provincial cabinet.

As per the press release issued after the workers meeting, it has also been alleged that the provincial ministers were involved in corruption and nepotism and termed the intra party election the solution of all issues.

The statement also said that the intra party election in the province would bring forth the genuine leadership into the party for the coming general election and would oust those who had maligned the party's fame and reputation.

Zafurullah Khattak told this scribe that all key positions at the provincial cabinet were occupied by either the MPAs or/and district council representatives, which was an unconstitutional act but the core committee was ignoring the facts despite the strong agitation of the workers.

When contacted, the district Peshawar president Arbab Jehandad, said that he was unaware of any party dispute and workers' demands regarding the intra-party election.

Misappropriation of funds: The local leaders of the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Wednesday alleged of misappropriation of funds meant for cleanliness in union councils and urged the NAB and other accountability bodies to probe the alleged anomalies.

Speaking at a press meeting here, Syed Faridullah Shah, Jamshid Khattak, Daud Khan and others alleged that the village council nazims, their deputies, contractors and engineers misappropriated millions of rupees from the fund for carrying out cleanliness work in Jhangira tehsil of Nowshera district.

They said that the provincial government had released Rs500,000 each for cleaning the tehsil and village councils but no cleanliness campaign had been carried out in Jhangira. They said the heap of garbage in the area was causing a foul smell and leading to the spread of various diseases in the area.