Chinese companies to invest in tourism in KP

Chinese companies to  invest in tourism in KP

PESHAWAR: A delegation of China visited the Tourism Corporation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (TCKP) on Wednesday. It was received by the Managing Director TCKP, Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, in Peshawar.

The Tourism Department briefed the Chinese delegation on 14 different projects as the Chinese investors showed their interest to invest in these projects.

The Secretary Tourism Department, Mohammad Tariq, General Manager Admn, Sajjad Hamid, Chief Executive officer Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Board of investment and trades Ahmad Awan, along other prominent personalities participated in the talks.

The Managing Director Mushtaq Ahmad Khan briefed the delegation of 11 members at the conference room of TCKP about 14 different tourism projects on which the delegation agreed to compile a document and invited the Managing Director to visit China in order to proceed on the said projects and develop a lay out for the procession of its propagation.

The Chinese delegation was led by the Chairman of Youa Tong Group, Zhou Kun, along with other members including Peng Min, Chairman of Pengo Tourism, President Venz Oha, Chamber of Commerce Huwn Sheng quan, Chairman Ziyani Tie Gardens, Zhang Jingquane, LV Dawe, Zhang hongxia General Manager Shane Fine Chemicals.

Talking to the delegation Mohammad Tariq said that the KP government wanted to establish long term plans and projects including Adventure Theme Parks in the mountainous areas while spots for facilitation of international visitors would be chosen at the old heritage location in the province.

He said the projects would boost the tourism corporation to enter into a new vista of adventurism.

The Managing Director said a Camping Paradise would be established in Takht Bay in order to attract the community to which these ruins belong and hotels along with business commercial centres would be the part of the project. He said the completion and establishing of these projects would help the provincial government to provide standard facilities to the people who go for adventure in different beautiful locations of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa along with the foreign visitors, for whom Khyber Pakhtunkhwa remained the centre of attraction. He said a water sports facility would be made available at Khesgi on River Kabul and a tourism village would be made in Nowshera along with the renovation of wheel chairs and lifts would also be upgraded to increase the yield and productivity by accommodating extra number of visitors.