Taxiing PIA plane hits Air France jet at Toronto airport

Taxiing PIA plane hits Air France jet at Toronto airport

TORONTO: A taxiing Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) plane hit a stationary Air France aircraft at Toronto Pearson International Airport on Tuesday evening.

An airport spokesperson told Global News that an Air France Plane was stationary at Terminal 3 when a taxiing PIA plane made “light contact” around 6pm. Confirming the incident, PIA Spokesperson Danyal Gilani said the matter is under investigation. “There's some damage to the equipment which may need replacement,” he added.

“Night stop has been declared at Toronto and passengers who had checked in for Toronto-Lahore flight PK-790 have been provided hotel accommodation. All steps are being taken for making the aircraft serviceable as soon as possible,” said Usman Sherazi, who was on board PIA Flight PK789 when it landed in Toronto from Lahore, at around 5:50pm. “I didn’t feel when the planes made contact.”

He said passengers were kept on the plane for about 45 minutes after it arrived at the gate, adding that the crew didn’t disclose what happened and the seatbelt lights were kept on.

When contacted by Global News, an Air France spokesman was unable to confirm the extent of damage or if anyone was on board the Air France plane at the time of the incident.