Peak wedding season sees artificial jewellery trend rise

Peak wedding season sees artificial jewellery trend rise

ISLAMABAD: The peak wedding season has raised the demand for imitation jewellery in order to fulfil the obligatory requirements of the occasion.

A media report highlighted that artificial jewellery markets in Pakistan are witnessing a boom due to their low cost and variety of designs and colours making them an attractive option for women.

In comparison, interest in purchasing traditional jewellery even at the peak of wedding seasons has decreased.

Additionally, incidents related to the snatching of ornaments, purses and mobile phones have also encouraged the sale of artificial jewellery, pointed out a female customer. She also added that the increase in gold prices in the national and international markets were also a factor in people shifting to buying artificial jewellery.

A jewellery shop keeper said that artificial items had become more attractive for women since the increasing gold prices had reduced customers’ purchasing power. He noted that gold had become too expensive an option for middle and upper middle classes, with women being left with no choice but to buy artificial jewellery, which is readily available in diversified range of designs throughout the country.

He pointed out that a few years back, when gold prices were much lower, people used to buy gold as a long-term investment; however the trend had now changed since artificial jewellery was not only cheaper but also available in beautiful designs.

Parents of both brides and the grooms were more interested in marriages being solemnised in a befitting manner rather than making the occasion colourful and memorable.

Even many well-off families were seen purchasing artificial jewellery, a local gold jeweller said.