Bangles remain atop women’s shopping lists

Bangles remain atop women’s shopping lists

LAHORE: A woman’s Eid, many say, is incomplete without wearing colorful clothes and glittering bangles.

As the festivities surrounding Eidul-Fitr are approaching fast, bright and multicolor bangles are becoming the most desired accessory for women to buy, along with trendy dresses and footwear.

Now, a tantalizing collection of newly designed bangles has arrived in the market to match with dresses.

The bangles come in every shape and are made from different materials, including glass and metal studded beautifully with stones.

When asked, a customer said Eid is colorless without bangles.

However, many complained about prices and said these beautifully-designed accessories would be much better if they were for reasonable rates. “That way we can buy more for our friends and family,” said one of the customers.

Ayesha Sohail, a shopper at the popular Bano Bazaar in Anarkali, told APP on Friday that said she cannot spend Eid day without wearing bangles. In fact, she had brought along all the women of her family to either buy the accessories or apply mehndi’ for Eid.

Saleha, on the other hand, has come with friends; although for exactly the same reasons as Ayesha.

However, shopkeepers seemed a little worried as the number of customers was lower at the market compared to 2016. Imran Ali hoped that the crowd would increase soon.

At the same time, Shaukat Hussain, who was selling bangles, expressed his satisfaction over the security arrangement made by the local police.

He was happy to report that his women customers felt safe in these surroundings.