PM's economic trade package to boost exports

PM's economic trade package to boost exports


ISLAMABAD: Board of Investment Chairman Miftah Ismail on Wednesday praised Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for declaring a landmark economic trade package adding that it would help boost exports.

Ismail said the prime minister had taken the business community into confidence before announcing the package and he hoped the package would help increase exports and trade.

Textile Industry former Advisor Dr Mirza Ikhtiar Baig said the 180 bn package would bring improvement in the textile and other related sectors.

He stated that many issues of the exporters have been addressed in this package and that the current government was industry friendly having ensured a smooth gas supply to the industrial areas and planning more energy projects. Adding that the energy projects launched by the Nawaz government would certainly have a positive effect on the industrial sector.

Australia Business Forum Chairman Pervez Madaras Wala said that this package would boost the textile industry as well as generate new employment opportunities.