Seychelles first president Mancham dies  

Seychelles first president Mancham dies   

VICTORIA: Seychelles' founding president James Mancham, who spent only a year in office before being ousted in a coup, died Sunday aged 77, his nephew and staff said.

The former politician and lawyer, who spent his years in retirement writing several books and promoting his island nation, was found dead at home.

"This morning his wife told us that Mr Mancham was not moving and we did the necessary to get him transported to hospital," one of his security guards Philippe Figaro told AFP.

"Doctors confirmed he was dead," said the former president's nephew Derick Pothin.

Mancham, who initially opposed the Indian Ocean archipelago's breakaway from British rule, won the country's first election by a small margin in 1976.

A year later he was overthrown in a bloodless coup by his prime minister, France-Albert Rene, while he was attending a Commonwealth conference in London.