First consignment of seven US locomotives reach Karachi port

First consignment of seven US locomotives reach Karachi port

KARACHI: The first consignment of seven modern locomotives out of 55 locomotives imported from the United States America (USA) reached Karachi port on Sunday.

These are modern General Electric diesel locomotives with 676 mm gauge, which are supplied fully assembled. A senior official of Pakistan Railways said these locomotives will be handed over to Railways on Monday.

To transport the imported coal from Karachi's Port Qasim to Sahiwal Power Plant in Punjab and Jamshoro Power Plant in Sindh, Pakistan Railways signed an agreement with USA on June 20 2015. Under the agreement, out of the total 55 General Electric diesel locomotives, 40 would be used to haul imported coal from Karachi to the Sahiwal and Jamshoro power stations, and 15 would be used on general freight services.

According to Pakistan Railways officials, these locomotives are 4000 horsepower and will be used to deliver coal to the power stations. The remaining 48 locomotives are expected to be handed over to the Pakistan Railways by June 2017.

This is ever first consignment of Evolution Series locomotives to anywhere South Asia, which Pakistan has received ever first time.

According to the contract, USA based Corys Electric Company has to supply a full-scope simulator for driver training.

These are modern General Electric diesel locomotives, with each one has 12-cylinder of 563 horse power engine, and would help to cope with the harsh operating conditions in Pakistan the design features additional cooling capacity and an air-conditioned cab suitable for bidirectional operation.

The 137 tonne six-axle locomotives are designed for a maximum speed of 120 km/h, and are expected to provide better fuel efficiency and longer maintenance intervals than Pakistan Railways' current fleet.