Striking resemblance in ‘Maatre’, ‘Mom’ posters

Striking resemblance in ‘Maatre’, ‘Mom’ posters

Sridevi upcoming project ‘Mom’ is based on the struggles of a mother and portrays the character of a mother who faces several challenges. The poster of the movie released last week which had a side pose of her with titles written in different languages in chalk. The poster had a very mysterious touch to it.

Accidently, ‘Maatr’-The Mother’s poster also released recently and to everyone’s surprise, the resemblance in both the posters is uncanny.

According to sources, Producer of the film ‘Mom’ Boney Kapoor chose not to comment on this whereas; ‘Maatr’ producer Anjum Rizvi informed the media that it was a co-incidence. "Our poster was designed much earlier when the film was planned. It's a coincidence that it's similar to Mom. It's not like we designed it after seeing the other poster. This concept was with us from day one. In fact, our film was initially called 'The Mother' but we changed it to 'Maatr '-The Mother because the title was not available,” he stated.

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