‘Mor Mahal’ : Launch date for the eagerly-awaited drama serial announced

The wait is over

‘Mor Mahal’ : Launch date for the  eagerly-awaited drama  serial announced

KARACHI: Geo TV has announced April 24 as the launch date for the most-anticipated TV fantasy drama serial of the year ‘Mor Mahal’.

‘Mor Mahal’ is a vibrant visual fusion of the Mughal era with Greek, Egyptian and Turkish civilisations. Its story is set in the sub-continent, sometime before the industrialisation, with elements of fiction and fantasy.

‘Mor Mahal’ was originally conceptualised by one of the most creative person in Pakistan, Geo Network President Imran Aslam back in 2002 and was written by phenomenal writer, Sarmad Sehbai in 2004. It brings together stalwarts like director Sarmad Sultan Khoosat, Babar Javed and Geo Television Network.

A mix of veterans, stars, promising and talented new comers and celebrity’s crossing over from other allied fields comprise the ensemble cast.

Spiced with music, dance, exquisite finery and elaborate structures, ‘Mor Mahal’ draws inspiration from indigenous cultures with a visual fusion that represents a larger-than-life spectacle. It’s a wondrous world of intricate patterns and exotic furniture.

‘Mor Mahal’ as a television project, is an attempt at taking the prime time Urdu drama to a new level; not only in terms of elaborate and expensive production but also by re-defining the process of making a period fantasy with a fusion of classical and contemporary techniques.

The serial stars Umair Jaswal, Meesha Shafi, Hina Khawaja Bayat, Sania Saeed and Fiza Ali in the lead roles. The cast also includes Shah Fahad, Jana Malik, Sonia Nazir, Kinza Hashmi and Ali Saleem.