Security to Chinese  

Security to Chinese   

Sir: On the charge of CPEC, Chinese workers have started working in Balochistan but attacks on them are always a terrifying sign. Recently, two Chinese nationals had been kidnapped in Quetta and could have been killed by the militant belongs to ISIS as it was claimed.

It is not a new case; Balochistan has been facing this curse of sectarian and militancy from very beginning of the mega project. In 2004, three Chinese engineers who were working in Gwadar, killed in car bombing. Moreover, in 2010, in a rocket attack at PC hotel, Gwadar, three Chinese engineers were injured. In 2012, a Chinese survey-team was attacked killing one and wounding the rest and in 2013 another massive hit on security check post killed ten personal of coast guard.

The multi-million dollar project CPEC is in progress but the atmosphere of insurgency is really harmful for Chinese who need firm security in Pakistan.