‘Blue Whale’  

‘Blue Whale’   

Sir: Technology on one hand has made our lives easier than it was in ancient times, at the same time has brought us some serious setbacks. Pakistan is one of those countries where technological revolution is on its peaks nowadays. Online games like Ludo Star, Candy Crush and Pokémon Go Adventure are trending in Pakistan nowadays. However, amidst all these fun and entertaining games, there is one that poses a serious threat as well, called ‘Blue Whale’.

This game has taken the Internet by storm not only in South Asia but also in almost 20 other countries around the globe. Blue Whale is not an innocent game but instead it leads towards encouraging suicide to the player. It consists of a list of 50 tasks in which the final task is to kill yourself. According to a Russian newspaper, this game is responsible for a total 130 suicides globally. The most vulnerable group for this game is teenagers, who love to play and socialize online. If the players refuse to follow the list, they are threatened; the administrator possesses all their information and suggests bringing harm to them or to their loved ones. India and Pakistan receives such things together, as they are both part of the sub-continent. Blue Whale is the new virus that hit India and the point of concern here is that it can be a part of Pakistan as well in the near future. It is very important to spread awareness regarding the upcoming danger, as not many of the people in Pakistan are aware of this game and the consequences of playing it. It is necessary to keep an eye on social media platforms and report anything suspicious to Pakistan’s cyber crime cell if any one comes across groups that are spreading Blue Whale challenges. Furthermore, parents and teachers should warn teenagers about this game as different teenage suicide cases have been recorded in India.




Published in Daily Times, September 12th 2017.