Consensus seen on merger of FATA with KP: Sherpao

* QWP chairman says census should be conducted in transparent manner

Consensus seen on merger of FATA with KP: Sherpao

PESHAWAR: Qaumi Watan Party (QWP) Chairman Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpao has said that all political parties have consensus over there merger of FATA with KP as it would not only boost up the socio-economic uplift of Pakhtoons but it would also bring unity amongst Pakhtoons.

He said while addressing a gathering at Ziam Rest House, Tehsil Tangi, and Distract Charssada.

He said that the merger of FATA-KP was a political issue and even Islam preached the unity and progress of the people. However, he continued that it is not a religious issue but some religio-political leaders have been portraying it as a religious issue which is regrettable.

Sherpao said that these people had been unable to point out any element in the merger which could be against Sharia.

He referred that such element had raised their objection on the constitution military courts wherein their demands had been incorporated in the proposal legislation but they could not bring any such arguments against the merger which manifestly showed as it was only for political points scoring.

He added that the people had identified the true colors of such elements.

He said that census should be conducted in a transparent manner which would genuinely represent the true aspiration of the people as correct and representative census would be helpful in real public representation in the parliament, location of uplift fund and provision of services to the federating units.

Sherpao rejected the use pencil for counting, assessment and calculation of the census data and alleged that it would be used for manipulation.

He warned that no manipulation would be tolerated to undermine the population and other rights of the Pakhtoons during this process.

He demanded that the data counting machine should immediately shift to Peshawar.

Hailing the Pak-Afghan dialogue in London, Aftab Sherpao said that meaningful and purposeful negations would help resolved the tension between the two neighbors and overcome the issue of terrorism, He said that Afghanistan is our brethren country it was in the interest of the region to amicably settle all outstanding issues.

He further said that drastic efforts should be adopted for enhancing the trade ties and eradication of terrorism in the region. He demanded that the Pak-Afghan border should immediately be reopened as its closure had been causing troubles for the people.

Earlier the chairman Qaumi Watan Party inaugurated various uplift schemes including Prang Ghar Road, Sherpao Shakh Road, Tatoonu Bridge at Tangi.

He said that a number of uplift schemes had been completed in the area which would bring revolution in the lives of the local people. He said that QWP believed in the development of the local population as it was essential for changing the fate of the area.

On this occasion senior minster Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for irrigation and social welfare Sinkandar Hayat Khan Sherpao also addressed on this occasion.