Pakistan urged to reopen Torkham to save business community, students

Pakistan urged to reopen Torkham to   save business community, students

PESHAWAR: The representative of the Afghan-Muhajreen-Markaz-e-Shura has appealed to the government of Pakistan for the opening of Torkhum gate and save the business community business and future of the Afghan students. Addressing a press conference at Peshawar Press Club on Tuesday the representatives asked the government of Pakistan help for the people and students bound for their country at either side of the gate and termed the issue of the gate closing against the human rights.

Chairman of the Shura Biryali Mian Khel said that both countries should have initiated the process of dialogue for the larger interest of the people who are working and doing their business across the border.

Flanked by other representatives of the Shura including Nasurrlah Shinwari, Haji Dost Muhammad, Malik Gulam Sakhi and others said that there were thousands of Afghan nationals living in Pakistan for the purpose of business and education which currently facing sever crises due to closure of the Torkham gate. "We appealed the government to review the decision of the gate closing and initiate the step of negotiation and facilitate the people who have been bound at both side of the border", the representative added.

Thousands students from Afghanistan admitted at education institutes of the Pakistan but current drove of bilateral relation and closing of the gate have pushed them to away from their families and suffering of mental tension they maintained. The representative reveled that government of Pakistan have granted scholarships to students of Afghan nationals but due to closing of the gate neither they can process their study in its own country nor they can travel to Pakistan.