Nawaz Sharif can return as PM: Rana Sanaullah

Nawaz Sharif can return as PM: Rana Sanaullah

LAHORE: Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah on Monday said former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif can return as PM through a legal procedure if Supreme Court forms a “larger bench” serving as appellate bench that sets aside the verdict by the bench that outed him.

Speaking to a news channel, he said setting aside of the bench’s ruling can fully restore the former PM and that “we should wait”.

“If right to appeal is granted and the implementation of bench’s decision is stayed, the election process can prolong,” he said.

Speaking about Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif, the minister said development work in Punjab is ongoing and that it will continue until a decision is made.

“The work with Shehbaz Sharif as Punjab CM is ongoing and we still have two months until the election”, he said.

Upon reporter’s question, Sanaullah said law permits the Shehbaz Sharif to contest the NA election while still being the CM if he wants to.

This statement of Sanaullah – also a contender for Punjab CM – is being interpreted by media reports as him wanting Shehbaz Sharif to remain Punjab’s Chief Minister.