Assaulting Najam Sethi, spouse a new low for Pakistani spectators

Assaulting Najam Sethi, spouse a new low for Pakistani spectators

The trolls among the Pakistani cricket fans outside The Oval celebrating the team’s mammoth victory brought a new low when they assaulted Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Executive Committee Chairman Najam Sethi and his wife Jugnu Mohsin -- also a seasoned journalist and television presenter, Daily Times Web Desk has learnt.


“I was manhandled, pushed and shoved by a small group of PTI supporters,” Sethi tweeted late Sunday night. “Police pulled me to safety. Overwhelming love and affection though.”


According to details, cheering crowd surrounding Sethi and spouse amid the victory celebrations. While most people in the crowd were cheering for Sethi and chanting slogans in his favour, there were some who didn’t spare the opportunity to embarrass themselves by harassing Sethi and Mohsin.

Sethi and Mohsin were visibly upset following the attack. In one of the videos that went viral was posted on the social media site, the couple are seen surrounded by the police after being rescued. It is unclear at this point if any charges are being brought up against the attackers.


In another video uploaded by Dunya News’ UK Correspondent Azhar Javed, Sethi can be seen forgiving the trolls saying they’re just kids and that this victory is about coming together and not the political divide.