There is a Donald Trump hidden inside me, am I too afraid to accept it?

There is a Donald Trump hidden inside me, am I too afraid to accept it?

Am I a sadist when I say I supported Trump over Hillary? Or an optimist who sees a ray of bright light at the end of this very dark tunnel?

Yes, this might shock me but Trump’s victory is the best thing, one that has shaken my world up. My world, that was full of ignorance and impracticality, because like the five per cent elite who control the world from their bubble-encased life, I too wish to stay away from reality.

Just like not all Muslims are terrorists, similarly the 306-232 Trump victory does not suggest every Trump voter is a racist, a sexist and anti-Islamist or anti-Semitist. However, it is true that a number of voters wanted Trump to come into power for selfish reasons; be it a lack of job opportunities due to the high influx of immigrants or an increase in frustrations against the everyday politician.

Therefore, it is important to understand that it is not Hilary Clinton who lost, it is the status quo that lost. The fact is this time the people voted for a change that was visible in the policies of Trump compared to that of Clinton. It would be safe to say that voters did not vote for Trump, they actually did NOT vote for the status quo. If not today, this was bound to happen in 2020 or 2024. If not Trump, someone like Trump would have won.

So, the real questions are Why not today? Why not now? And why am I so scared?

The expectations of laureates of this era baffle me. Did they want Clinton to defeat Trump so that the world could sleep in peace?

The truth is, this is the best time for me to realise that Trump’s victory is actually a good thing.

Unlike the popular opinion, Trump has shaken me up from my slumber. It was immature of me to go mad over Trump, thus losing objectivity. Without identifying the problem and proposing a solution, I was criticising Trump blindly. The reality is, he neither rigged the elections nor caused a coup. And that is why the only debatable topic I am left with is questioning the democratic system which I am so proud. And this makes me understand that Trump’s victory is a sign of true democracy.

As Waleed Aly says, “I never stood up until it became my problem.”

I can criticise Trump, but I cannot take away the fact that he represents the sentiments of a major segment of the US population. As they say, I should respect the mandate and make sure this does not repeat itself.

Americans took the wisest of all decisions by choosing Trump. And I am sure, his 4-year regime will help normal office bearers get their act together and start making sane decisions.

As far as the Muslims are concerned, they might for once learn not to be dependent for their lives on US policies and try to unite against what they see as the ills of society and policy.

I would support Trump again and again till I get my own act together and stop pushing candidates like Hillary for the US presidency in the name of female empowerment.

The last question we as Muslims need to ask ourselves, do we support Trump in banning Muslims or in bombing Muslims? At least the guy in office is not a hypocrite!

Lastly, in case I am being judgmental towards my own thoughts, yes, there is a Donald Trump inside me.