Trumps of Pakistan

Trumps of Pakistan

While America, leader of the liberal world, electing Donald Trump right after electing Brack Obama, twice, will fascinate people for a really long time and keep sociologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, doctors and scientists busy for years trying to unmask the problem, Pakistan however has its own Trumps to worry about.

With the elections coming in less than a year and all political party leaders coming back from their second homes in London and Dubai to feed ‘their’ people promises for a better less corrupt Pakistan, it is safe to say that Pakistan has an option between many Trumps to elect from.

Pakistan, to be honest, has never been short of Trumps and has a history of consistently electing one Trump after the other with the occasional dictatorships of other Trumps.

Contending this time, like every time, is the mascot of nepotism. Mr. Big business tycoon hell bent on constructing underpasses, bridges, Metro and everything that requires trucks full of steel and iron from his own factories. This particular Mr. Development is keener on his development than that of the country.

Then there is that Trump who is the flag bearer of change. Donald Trump targeted the hidden vote of the lazy blonde American who lost his job to the college graduate Asian, Trump targeted the prejudice of the white male just like our Mr. Captain of change targeted the youth. For him the youth is the hidden vote without realizing that the vast majority of this youth does not yet own an ID card.

If Trump was brown and America was Pakistan then Trump would be a feudal lord or at least married to the daughter of one. Just like our next Trump, lots of land, lots of corruption and lots of sympathy vote that could and would last a lifetime.

Then obviously there are those sexist Trumps who want all wives beaten lightly and who are a huge source of influence on all major and minor political parties. These Trumps do not need to be elected to be in power; they are always in power and will continue being so for whatever unknown reason.

We also have our very own Ivankas, daughters to Trumps with the same levels, or higher, of sexism, nepotism, corruption than and perhaps twice as dangerous as their fathers. These Ivankas come with their Kushners, underachieving and unimpressive with only the fact that they are the husbands of these women to flaunt and benefit from.

Then there are the sons, unintelligent and unimpressive much like the Kushners, benefitting from the industries daddy dearest erected years ago.

Then obviously there is all of us, the Trump nation, the one that does not believe in the reality of global warming and the truth in that women in this country are given all the rights they deserve and that because we have Hunza we somehow do not have any problems.

So in this situation of Trump elects Trump with choices of many Trumps it is but a matter of electing the lesser Trump. But who is the lesser Trump? The Trumps shall decide.


The writer can be reached on Twitter @alishbakram