Two die, 10 injured as oil tanker catches fire on Super Highway

Two die, 10 injured as oil tanker catches fire on Super Highway

KARACHI: Two persons were killed and 10 people suffered burn injuries when an oil tanker turned turtle and caught fire on Super Highway on Saturday.

According to rescue sources, an oil tanker went out of driver's control when it was reversing at an alternative route parallel to Superhighway made by the National Highway Authority (NHA). It overturned and caught fire near Nooriabad.

As a result at least 2 persons died and 12 others including two police constables received burn injuries. Of the 12 people, seven made it to the hospital for medical treatment themselves, according to the police.

Police has further informed that the oil tanker which caught fire was carrying 44,000 liters of petrol. The Police has disclosed that the accident occurred when the brake system of the oil tanker failed.

Edhi sources have stated that the injured were sent to Karachi. The flames engulfed four vehicles, including one police mobile as well.

It has also been learnt that many of the injured people are the ones who had gathered to haul petrol leaking from the turned trailer.

Recently, the Frontier Works Organization has started the reconstruction of motorway, for which alternative routes have been constructed parallel to the Highway and accidents have became a practice common on the diversions.