SC orders DNA test to find real parents of housemaid

SC orders DNA test to find real parents of housemaid

ISLAMABAD: The top court on Wednesday directed the deputy inspector general of Police to complete the investigation pertaining to tortured minor maid Tayyaba including her DNA test within 10 days.

The top court has also handed over the minor to Pakistan Sweet Homes (PSH) and ruled that the she will stay there till the final determination of her parents.

A divisional bench headed by Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar resumed the hearing of the suo moto case regarding torture on Tayyaba, aged 10, by the wife of additional sessions judge (ASJ) Islamabad.

During the course of the hearing, the Special Investigation Team (SIT) report along with an incomplete challan of the case was placed before the bench.

According to the report, ASJ Raja Khurram and his wife Mahin Zafar refused the charges of violence on their minor home maid.

The report mentioned the statements of both the accused saying that Tayyaba was working in their home as her duty was to look after their children and she was paid for that on a monthly basis. "We did not commit any violence on her. If there are some bruises on her body, then there would be other persons who subjected her to the torture but we do not know about it," both the accused husband and wife said in their statements.

Chief Justice Mian Saqib Nisar observed that it is an important matter of public interest adding lives and respect of female children hadto be protected.

He further observed that the DNA test in the instant matter was necessary as here was no record available with the National Data Base and Registration Authority (NADRA) regarding the whereabouts of minors.

Three couples, which claim to be parents of Tayyaba, were also present in the court room during the course of the hearing.

One Muhammad Azam told the bench that he was uneducated and unaware about the compromise with the other party adding a lawyer namely Raja Zahoor had taken his signatures on a document but he could not read the contents of it.

He informed the top court that Raja Zahoor had told him to sign the documents if he wanted to get his child. The parents further informed that Rs 3000 salary was decided with Nadra Bibi, the neighbour, and she had given Rs 18000 in advance. The case has been adjourned for a date-in-office.

The child bears the marks of torture, a hospital board which examined her said earlier this week in a report submitted in the court on Wednesday.

However officials say she has given different versions of what happened to her. The girl was reportedly employed by a district judge in Islamabad and initially told police she had fallen down the stairs and burnt her hands by accident, the media reported.

But in a later statement she said she was beaten and her hands were burned on the stove by the judge's wife, according to reports citing police.

After social media images showing injuries to the girl's face and hands went viral, the top court intervened last week and ordered a full investigation.