Need To Control Terrorism Globally

Need To Control Terrorism Globally

Terrorism is a menacing global threat that overwhelms citizens all over the globe with fear and distress. It needs to be stoppedwith the formulation of a concrete mechanism, which should first and foremost focus on discouraging countries from extending support to terrorists.

It is perplexing to note that the world has been overthrowing moderate Arab leaders, who had been stabilizing the region and has instead armed violent radicals in Middle East. Besides that, US and its allies are held accountable for supporting Islamic State of Iraq and Syria(ISIS). Intelligence agencies have proven that US has deliberately been supporting an insurgent entity, which was allying Muslim brotherhood, Salafists and Al-Qaeda groups despite knowing that it might result in the creation of a terrorist group like ISIS.Such maneuvers to stop supporting terrorists need to be implemented to overcome the terrorism threats.

Negotiable peace deals should be offered as a solution for curtailing terrorism. Experts of international security affairs have proven that warsand routine conflicts in Middle East disrupt the peace, stability and security there. USA has often rejected ceasefire offers presented by Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq and have continued waging war. This adds to raging terrorism, and calls for consideration of halting war and bombing when a negotiated settlement is offered.

In addition, US-backed monarchies in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Bahrain, whichallow for donations togroups like Taliban and ISIS, should be stopped in order to undermine the main support for terrorism. Saudi Arabia is considered to be the hotbed of radical Muslim terrorists groups; and with the support of USA it goes on to supportmadrassas where Islamic radicalism is disseminated. American military support extended to Saudi Arabia and other countries in Middle East in the past seventy years has been one of the underlying motivational causes for Arab terrorists.  Therefore, it is necessary to stop supporting regimes that extend their support to terrorist groups.

There also stands a need to put an end to drone assassinations of innocent civilians in the name of controlling terrorism. A stringent framework needs to be devised to control war on terror in the name ofimperial conquests for Arab oil by western powers. According to many political analysts, the war on terror in Iraq is all about oil,which has directly resulted in creation of ISIS in the long run. Therefore, it is essential to control such actions to wage war of war on name of capturing oil reserves. If implemented effectively, these measures can help to control terrorism to a greater extent globally.