Fatal disease among children has no cure in Pakistan

Fatal disease among children has no cure in Pakistan

Child leukemia, Acute Lymphoblast Leukemia (ALL) or simply blood cancer has been one of the deadliest diseases among children in Pakistan. Though Pakistan is not the only country affected by blood cancer, but the situation in Pakistan is far worse. Researchers estimate that if the blood cancer patients are not treated, then they can die at any time. Mostly, children who cannot afford complete treatment, suffer from blood cancer. The exact number of the death rate is unknown, but it is believed that the disease is growing rapidly among children who suffer due to genetic inheritance.

According to doctors in Pakistan, every year, around 85,000 people die due to blood cancer, and children who are suffering from it, approximately 70 out of 100, die every year. There are several reasons that the disease is growing including lack of awareness among the people. Even educated people do not have sufficient information about blood cancer and came to know about it at very advance stage. Around 50 per cent of blood cancer in children is preventable and these children can live their lives to the fullest, if they are diagnosed at very early age.

The Pakistan Children Aid Association (CAA) is an organisation, established in 1979, takes care of blood cancer in children and provides basic facilities for treatment. Unfortunately this organisation has failed to protect people from blood cancer. Mostly the cases reported are in Sindh and Balochistan. The people of these two provinces do not have financial means to bear the cost of treatment. The most recent example is Rehan Rind Baloch, belonging to a poor family, the young boy died due to blood cancer as the family could not bear the cost of treatment. Though the people of Balochistan donated money to support Rehan, but it was not enough.

The treatment of blood cancer is very expensive and some test cost Rs 1500 to 2,000 which is a huge amount for the poor. The government is not providing basic facilities to the poor. The government should provide easy access to treatment under affordable costs. It has been long time since people are demanding an establishment for blood cancer at various place of the country, especially in Balochistan.

Unfortunately children are being infected by blood cancer and are continuously dying because of it. The government is showing no mercy these minors.