ASF personnel thrash passengers at Islamabad Airport

Airport security personnel was filmed spitting at protesters at Islamabad Airport. He later threw a chair at them when they asked why they were held for more than 8 hours at Islamabad Airport.

According to the details, a Peshawar bound flight from Riyadh was rerouted to Islamabad due to bad weather in Peshawar.

According to a social media user, Andleeb Sahar, who was on the PIA flight, the plane reached Peshawar on time, however, citing bad weather, the crew took the plane to Islamabad where they were kept the passengers in an isolated lounge for around 8 hours without being offered clean drinking water.

There we were left to the ASF for more than 8 hours. We weren’t even provided with clean water to drink. After four hours of flight and so much waiting we got restless and tried to protest. We asked the officers to tell us why we were being held there but they never told us.

To counter the protest, the Airport Security Force (ASF) was called by the officials. One of the officers was seen punching a protester.

Andleeb also revealed that they later found out that the weather in Peshawar was not that bad and other flights landed and departed from the airport at the time they were being held up at the airport.

The Civil Aviation Authority is yet to comment on the incident and no action has been taken against the involved ASF officer.


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