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Shehryar Taseer

Group Editor
Ali Kazam Waheed

Op-ed contributions

Blog Contributions

Contribution guidelines: Please send blogs in a word document in 12-point Cambria font. If you have photos, attach them separately and include captions in the email. Blogs should not be more than 1,000 words and should include citations and links to sources. If your blog is time-sensitive, please say “time-sensitive” in the subject line. Please don’t say your article is time-sensitive when it isn’t. Be succinct and precise, avoiding repetition. Due to the high amount of submissions we receive, we don’t share the edited piece with you before publication.

Please also include your contact number, if possible, in the email. If you want your photo and bio to go with your blog, attach your photo in the email as a jpg file with 400×400 dimensions and include a two-sentence bio in italics at the end of your piece. Please don’t address the email to “sir,” since we have women editors on our team too.

If your blog’s according to our standards, we’ll edit and publish it. If we don’t publish it, however, we apologize, but please do write again.

Investment/Compliance Manager
Shahzad Jawahar

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