Yemen’s water crisis aggravating

Author: Web Desk

Amidst the ongoing Saudi war and siege, Yemen’s water crisis is aggravating.

Meanwhile, Yemen’s Ministry of Water and Environment has called out a workshop with the participation of international organizations to talk about managing water sources and the worsening water situation in the country.

On the other hand, UNICEF representative to Yemen Philippe Duamelle maintained that the water situation in Yemen is very serious as only a small number of people have access to clean water.

The official added the world body is working to support the redress process of water shortage in Yemen.

The UNICEF is working closely with the concerned authorities including the Ministry of Water and Environment to increase the capacity to produce and distribute clean water to the population.

The International Organization for Migration noted that nearly 15.4 million Yemenis lack access to safe water. Observers say the recent figures herald a new wave of cholera in the war-ravaged nation.

Besides the Saudi brutal war, Yemen’s acute water shortage poses a serious threat to the lives of millions of Yemenis including children. This is taking place amid the continued silence of international organizations including the United Nations.

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