One Man, One Idea, Years of Struggle, Millions of Students

Author: Amreen Mir

Many people inspire us in a significant way that makes us healthier, happier, or more content. They are visionary entrepreneurs, political leaders, artists, scientists, and authors who overpowered awful obstructions to help, assist, and educate the World, all on their terms.

It is rightly said that those who inspire others are the ones who have made through their tough times. Very similarly, today, I am to share an inspiring read for you all. It is a tribute to the person, who gave my writings a complete overhaul. This story is about an incredible personality, who, instead of getting frustrated or down after failing his very first Civil Services (CSS) attempt, revamps the tuition culture and turns himself a real public servant by introducing an idea of an e-preparatory system. After years of struggle, hard work, and dedication, he eventually designs and develops Pakistan’s first digital learning management system (LMS) and loaded it with millions of questions and their answers, and aims at saving billions of millions.

The story starts with a young boy of Multan, Syed Kazim Ali, who pursues his career as a Chartered Accountant. Belonging to an elite class, he enjoyed all the luxuries an independent person wishes for. A young man with handsome personality, having a group of buddies to chill and hangout, owning a car of his choice, declared youngest ACCA of his times, and whatnot. Out of nowhere, he plans to become a public servant!

Knowing his desire to help the public, everyone, especially his friends and relatives, gazed at him with sarcasm checking if he said that being in his senses. There came a wave of criticism from everyone in his circle that he belonged to a family of businessmen and should carry on with his family’s business.

The youth and passion, at its peak, made him unyielding to appear in the Central Superior Services (CSS) Exam in 2015. He starts his preparation all and all by himself. Initially, being naive, he went on to seek guidance at two academies in Multan. In no time, he discovered that the mentors there, are not professional and despite making students concepts clear, they love telling stories of two to three CSS qualifiers. Since then, he started preparing himself and appeared in the CSS exam conducted in 2015. Having a healthy mind and sound preparation, he was thrilled with his attempt and was sure of qualifying the exam.

But, the written fate of his was completely different what he thought it could be. He was destined to be the only hope for millions of entrance and competitive students soon. His result was declared, and to everyone’s surprise, he couldn’t make through. Dejected, discouraged, and dark seemed Life to him. As his result came unacceptable to him, he locked himself up in a room. Seeing him in despair, his parents decided to counsel him. They appreciated him of his passion, which made him appear in the exam. At the same time, his father explained to him the real meaning of public servant by alluding him at the personalities, such as Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, Quaid-e-Azam, Allama Iqbal, and Abdul Sattar Edhi.
“A man is known because of his actions, not by designations.Not an institute or a result, but what makes a person true public servant is his service that helps make his country and its people progress.”
This piece of advice resulted to be turning point in Sir Syed Kazim Ali’s life.With thousands of books published and hundreds of inept mentors roaming and being supported by all available social media forums,resulting it impossible for students to seek the right mentorship and resulting in a psychological dither for millions of students prepare for their jobs or entrance exams.
Being revealed with grim realities of academies and publishers, which have been established merely to loot the youth, his passion for building a forum with free and quality preparatory material got a boost to another level. By considering all these things, he, then, abnegates all the pleasures of his life to begin working on an idea of an e-preparatory system that could help millions of students preparing for entrance or competitive exams. With his philanthropist and patriotic approach, he starts typing competitive questions on his laptop alone and created around five million-plus questions.The primary purpose of him was, and is, to save millions of Pakistani students from academy mafia aid and abet by hundreds of social media groups and pages.

Nothing changes overnight; it took Syed Kazim Ali 5 years to develop Howfiv, Pakistan’s technologically most advanced and visited Learning Management System, to help millions of students preparing for MDCAT, NUMS, FMDC, PMA, PAF, PN, CSS, PMS, FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, BPSC, KPPSC, AJKPSC, GBPSC, NTS, LGAT, Law GAT, SAT, GAT, GMAT, GRE, etc. Soon after its launch, Howfiv,, became trending among thousands of students and in many national newspapers and websites. With its five million-plus questions, Howfiv has also been enlisted as one of the World’s Largest Learning Management Systems (LMS). Besides developing Howfiv, Syed Kazim Ali also became one of the best English Language teachers in the World and in Pakistan, the only teacher empowering his students’ write-ups like mine. Surprisingly, he is also the only person in Pakistan who teaches the English language to the needy and the orphans for free.

Bigger, better, and greater than KhanAcademy, Quizlet, Memorise, and other top LMSs and websites in the World, the way Howfiv helps millions of students learn, prepare, and practice the relevant questions for their exams freely and confidently, is incredibly impressive. Howfiv website is the online tutor that helps you prepare exam related questions. The website can be visited anytime and offers its content free of cost to millions of students. Since 2018, Howfiv has provided 300,000 plus students free quality preparation at their finger-tips, and many of them qualified their exams.

As it aptly said that the difference between ordinary and extraordinary people is only “Extra”, so is the case of Howfiv’s co-founder, Syed Kazim Ali. He builds the Howfiv irrespective of class, where rich and poor can equally benefit and make the best out of it. Where the country’s politicians and policymakers fail to pull the youth out from the mafia of the academy, Sir Syed Kazim Ali single-handedly protects millions to save their hard-earned money.

Syed Kazim Ali has become an epitome of intellect and a daily dose of inspiration for many youngsters across the World. If Pakistan gets few more people like him, there shouldn’t be an inch of doubt left about the revolution in the entire education system of Pakistan. It is need of the hour, and Pakistan is proud to have such a passionate and patriotic citizen, Like Syed Kazim Ali, who is working day and night to revamp the entire education culture, which will be known for its heightened success shortly!

Conclusively, If there is no Struggle, there is no progress. The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph. The efforts, patriotism, and dedication of Syed Kazim Ali narrate that a real change comes only by actions not by slogans; whereas, his parents teach us that believing in children can turn them legends.

(Amreen Mir is a freelance writer who wants to bring change in society , working for the youth development and women empowerment through her writings. Writer may be contacted via Twitter @amreen_mir1)

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