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On magnets, mugs and matryoshka dolls, Putin’s face still sells

Under the onion domes of its Orthodox churches or in front of its imperial facades, one face peers out at tourists strolling past the rows of Saint Petersburg’s souvenir stalls.

Twenty years after he came to power, President Vladimir Putin is omnipresent, not only across the airwaves of Russia’s media but also on the magnets, mugs and matryoshka dolls throughout his hometown. Whether it is commander-in-chief Putin looking through binoculars or mocked-up shirtless Putin riding a bear, the Russian president is on sale everywhere. Painter and businessman Alexei Sergiyenko has been cashing in on Putin for years. In 2012, he opened an exhibition of work devoted exclusively to Putin titled: “President. A man with a good soul.”

‘Special attitude’

The walls of his studio were lined with pop-art pictures of Putin carrying a child on his shoulders or dressed as a Hollywood superhero stopping a meteorite from crashing into the Earth.

Sergiyenko also owns 64 souvenir kiosks, most near an ornate cathedral called the Saviour on the Spilled Blood. At each, the president’s face has been printed on anything that tourists may be tempted to buy.

“Putin souvenirs are only three-to-four percent of total sales, but the numbers are stable,” Sergiyenko told AFP. His art has even been miniaturised and printed on the wrappers of chocolate bars sold throughout the city for 150 rubles (around $2). These kinds of flattering images of the president reinforce a portrait offered by the Kremlin of Putin as a father figure or saviour of the nation.

Since coming to power two decades ago following the resignation of Boris Yeltsin, Putin’s popularity has remained high.


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