Fascinating facts about Genghis Khan’s hidden tomb

Many centuries ago, a man known by the name of Genghis Khan brought a large portion of Central Asia and China under his command and rose to power by leaps and bounds.

While, the modern man is fairly acquainted with Genghis Khan’s history, not enough know about the most intriguing part of his life – his death! Neither the cause of his death has been documented, nor the place of his burial. Ahead, a few interesting things to know.

It is believed that Genghis Khan asked his men to entomb him with his six cats while they were still living so that he could get their guidance to the desired place after life.

He also categorically asked his men to bury him without putting any mark to his grave.

Many believe his dead body was buried near the Onon River in Mongolia.

Another legend has it the funeral retinue of Genghis Khan wiped off any human or thing to hide the precise location of the grave.

As soon as the tomb was built, all the masons employed in its construction were massacred, and then after, the troops who killed them were also executed.

A mausoleum was built as a memorial in honour of Genghis Khan, but it is not be misconstrued as his tomb.

Folklore describes that his numerous horses were made to run through Genghis Khan’s grave and several trees were planted on the site to cover it from public view.

Some men say that the course of a river was changed by Khan’s men over to his grave to permanently secure it from being discovered.

Legend has it that the Yuan dynasty followed a tradition of burying the prominent Khan rulers of Mongols close to Genghis Khan’s tomb. This location is in the portion of China where the Mongols ruled. Although the place is known as Qinian Valley in Chinese, its exact location is shrouded in mystery.

The search has been on to discover Genghis Khan’s tomb since centuries by historians, archaeologists, and others of the tribe. The ‘grave’ however, continues to elude the seekers.


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