Study circle — a healthy but rare activity among youth in Pakistan

Study circle is a new innovative adult learning method in the non-formal educational market which is often called a self-study group.

The common people and specifically the students who want to gain some new skills or knowledge meet regularly in small groups to discuss the issue from different angles. Study circle is not an activity of individuals but it can be performed like a team work.

Study circle is a productive, healthy and helpful activity for students which helps them think widely on different issues, however this fruitful activity is very rare among the students of Pakistan.

According to educationists and many intellectuals, the students in Pakistan do not even know about the word study circle but it’s not their fault because they have not been asked or forced by their teachers and elders to participate in such activities.

According to Dr Khadim Hussain a KP based professor “Study circles always help the students and participants to explore the topic or book which they are discussing because in a there are always many number of people having different level of knowledge and skills so it always help the students know things and issues related to that topic or book.”

He elaborated that such events pave the way for positive thinking among the youth and it can help the society to create a sense of tolerance and harmony which was a very important goal for the peace and prosperity of that society.

According to educationists and many intellectuals, students in Pakistan do not even know about the word study circle but it’s not their fault because they have not been asked or directed by their teachers and elders to participate in such activities

“By arranging such events we can beat extremism and everyone will then be able to answer any question with evidence and it will create a culture of dialogue in the society.”

Abdur Rauf Yousafzai a KP based journalist said “Without valid questioning no one can go a step ahead and for logical arguments one need to participate in different study circles.”

He added that one thing was confirm that Pakistani syllabus did not have the power of raising question that was why their students are unaware of such events and cannot even raise question about an issue.

“The reading habit is vanishing in our youth, our libraries are becoming empty day by day and teachers also do not have any plan to engage students in book reading.”

Talking about the importance of study circles he said “Study circle is such platform which makes the students able to know about their indigenous heroes and movements and it can also make them able to raise question about the distorted history.”

He advised the students to arrange more and more such circles and events if they wanted to compete with the other developed nations because this culture was very common in Europe and America.

Asif Muhmand a freelance journalist while talking to Daily Times exclusively said “It was in 2007 when for the first time in my life I participated in a study circle. I was amazed and shocked too because there were more than 30 people who were discussing a topic I enjoyed it a lot and being a students it raised my confidence level and since then I am participating in study circle on regular bases.”

He added that he didn’t see any such events in the young students then and it was the sole reason their students are getting inclined towards extremist thoughts day by day.

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