Austerity begins at home?


In Pakistan, top government officials, ministers, and bureaucrats are known for their sumptuous lifestyles. When Imran Khan came to power, he in his very first speech called on the rich to start paying taxes and said the country will begin an austerity drive to reduce debt, starting with offloading his office’s car fleet. Imran Khan had decided to ban everything that was over-the-top, though one can see a bit deviation from this policy, by some members of the PTI.


The distinct images of the official in his pretentious vehicle vividly tell us about the mindset of the government’s official in a poverty-stricken country like Pakistan. The rulers live their lives like monarchs while the ordinary struggles to make ends meet.

This must end now as PM Imran Khan had promised to name and shame those who violate the rules of austerity. We as a nation cannot get down to real business until austerity measures are taken.