Domino’s in Russia offers free services to people with pizza tattoos

A Domino’s branch in Moscow has announced that it would offer free 100-year services to the first 350 people who tattoo its pizza and logo on their bodies.

The good news is that you can have free pizzas for 100 years, but there are a certain limits. For example, you can only have 100 free pizzas a year, and you have to be among the first 350.

The company had also set the requirements for the tattoo art itself. To successfully claim free pizzas, participants were told to ensure that their tattoos were 2cms long and wide and that they were easily visible.

Initially, Domino’s thought that they would not have an overwhelming response, but excitement of the audience exceeded their expectations.

So much so that the 350 person limit was reached within the first 5 days after which the company had to end the competition.