PPP named Aitzaz without taking PML-N into confidence: Shehbaz

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Shehbaz Sharif on Tuesday said Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) did not take his party into confidence over the nomination of Aitzaz Ahsan.

“It is not a good sign that the opposition has failed to nominate a single candidate. PPP did not take us into confidence over Aitzaz’s nomination,” Shehbaz said while speaking to the media in Islamabad.

He added that all PML-N elected members will vote for Jamiat Ulama-e-Islam Fazl (JUI-F) chief and opposition candidate Fazlur Rehman.

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The ex-Punjab CM, however, regretted PPP’s decision saying that “had PPP also agreed to field Fazl, the opposition would have been in a strong position.”

Responding to a question as to why the opposition could not agree to a single name, Shehbaz said: “You can try to make the opposition do so if you want.”

The PML-N spearhead, however, expressed hope that the opposition parties would be on one page in future decision-making.