Hydrogen Peroxide shortages largely attributable to international supply constraints: PCMA

Lahore: The recent Hydrogen Peroxide prices in the trade markets are by and large attributable to regional price hikes”, shared Secretary General, Pakistan Chemical Manufacturer Association (PCMA), Iqbal A. Kidwai. He further added that some international players are facing shut downs of the plants and increase in demand in their local markets which resulted in increase in prices in their countries, consequently price in Pakistan trade market has also increased.

Despite these issues, Hydrogen Peroxide producers have been trying to consistently supply their customers at competitive prices. Local manufacturers in the Hydrogen Peroxide industry have been supplying all their products locally despite having the option to export overseas at better prices due to the current geographical supply situation.

He added that Hydrogen Peroxide producers in Pakistan contribute approximately USD 24 million per annum in foreign exchange savings.

On a final note, Mr. Kidwai mentioned that a few traders have imported Hydrogen Peroxide and are selling it in the trade market well above local producers’ circular prices. “Our members are trying their best to further increase the supplies in the trade market to limit the prices and their selling prices are far less than the current prices offered by these traders.”

 Published in Daily Times, March 9th 2018.