Krishna Kumari

Sir: The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) needs to be lauded for awarding ticket to a Hindu Dalit woman, Krishna Kumari.

Of course there are flaws in PPP’s politics which need to be addressed, but at least the party has fulfilled its promises of supporting country’s marginalised minorities and mainstreaming them through democratic politics.

Needless to say, PPP has also contributed to the plight of Ahmadis in the country. The Zulfikar Ali Bhutto-led PPP succumbed to the pressure of religious groups. But the party essentially remained a pro-minority force as the only liberal and secular party in the country.

It seems that the party, under Bilawal Bhutto’s leadership, is trying to undo and reform problems that past’s politics created. The election of Krishna Kumari is a landmark and carries a profound political as well as social significance in present day scenario.

I hope that other parties also follow this trend. Even if it is for the sake of increasing vote bank and gaining sympathy from liberal and non-Muslim sections of the country, the move will cast its positive impact on the socio-political fabric of the country.

Meanwhile, the chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) is supporting Maulvi Sami-ul-Haq and continues to fund the notorious madrassa shamelessly. It is astonishing as to how can the PTI chief do such a thing. It seems the PTI chief does learn lessons from the country’s past and is parroting the same ultra-conservative narrative to gain sympathy and political support from religious right.

He needs to be aware of its consequences. He is on the wrong side of the history, and fails to realise that the repercussions of such actions will not only affect his politics, but also the country and region at large.



Published in Daily Times, March 7th 2018.