World needs peace

Sir: Russia is now boasting about its nuclear might apart from chalking out the possible nuke plans.

The inference one can draw from such arms race is that the factors such as enmity, political bias, unequal growth and uncultured society have just added to the menace. At the same time, the international community should not turn a blind eye to this fact.

Besides, it is not wise to blindly see the people being held hostage or the innocent falling victim to the terror/nuclear threats. And the statistics say that so far numerous people have been killed by terrorists and nuclear weapons across the world. The records also point to the fact that the menace has taken a heavy toll on the growth of the countries and the well-being of the people.

Therefore, the time has come for the countries the world over to work together and stop arms race through good rapport and joint measures.



Published in Daily Times, March 7th 2018.