Krishna Kumari

Sir: Pakistan People’s Party did it. It has fulfilled its promises to country’s minorities.

Krishna Kumari Kolhi from Sindh province has become the first-ever Hindu Dalit woman Senator in the Muslim-majority country. Kolhi, 39, from Thar is a member of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). She won the election for the reserved seat for women from Sindh province.

Her election represents a major milestone for women and minority rights in Pakistan. Earlier, PPP had elected first Hindu woman named Ratna Bhagwandas Chawla as a senator. Kolhi belongs to a remote village in Nagarparkar district of Thar in Sindh province.

Born to a poor peasant, Jugno Kolhi, in February 1979, Kolhi and her family members spent nearly three years in a private jail owned by the landlord of Kunri of Umerkot district. She was a grade 3 student at the time when held captive.

Even if this is a political tool to gain sympathy from minorities and liberal section, it still has a political significant.

Dr Ali Ahmed


Published in Daily Times, March 6th 2018.