This Indian social media star was attacked for supporting Kashmir freedom

Indian social media star Deepak Kalal has recently been attacked multiple times by extremist elements for supporting Kashmir freedom, eating beef and allegedly insulting Hindu goddess. Famous for silly publicity stunts – the most recent one being getting pregnant after hooking up with Virat Kohli – Deepak has been vocal for freedom of Jammu and Kashmir.

Deepak was surrounded by a bunch of students in Jammu and made to apologise for his video and to promise he won’t make videos that go against Indian soldiers.

He has lived in Kashmir and through his videos presented a softer image of the troubled India-held Jammu and Kashmir. He maintains he has seen the grassroots level struggle by Kashmiris and calls for end to Indian occupation of the state. In one of his videos for the same, he started with the chant ‘Burhan Wani Zindabad’, literally, ‘long live Burhan Wani’ in support of the slain fighter regarded as terrorist by India and as freedom fighter by Kashmiris and Pakistan.

Deepak poured his heart out in a video he made following the attacks. In the video, he meltdown giving details of the attack and said he was accused of being a traitor. He said he has had to resort to hiding after the attacks and that he doesn’t want to die.

The incident went unreported in the media and the securities haven’t taken any action against the culprits. In an interview to the Kashmir Press Service, Deepak said he would continue to visit Jammu and Kashmir and continue raising voice for the voiceless.

The social media celebrity was also manhandled for allegedly insulting a Hindu goddess and was made to apologise for it.

The video in question is:

Deepak was largely popular in Kashmir and parts of Pakistan and many of his videos that he made then have come under scrutiny now. This includes his video where he said he ate beef and was meant as a dig against the beef ban in parts of India. In his own words, he was introduced to the Indian audience when a celebrated YouTuber Carryminati roasted him.