8 memes on Imran Khan’s marriage for a guaranteed laugh

Okay, I get it. It’s his personal matter and like the time he married and divorced Reham Khan, I didn’t want to comment on it. But it’s not my fault that Twitter is keeping #MubarakImranKhan a top trend, 2 days on. I had to go and look. And just when I did, I knew I had to curate these memes for you and you can trust me when I say this: this is the guaranteed LOL material to crack you up.

1. The getting caught checking out a hot girl meme

This was a no-brainier. Many are questioning the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief’s priorities ahead of elections and the insinuation that his marriage is somehow the same as an election is plain stupid and I don’t endorse it. Just that this made me laugh.

2. The aspiring to be a dulha meme

I know, right! 🤣 😂

3. The Sheikh Rasheed still bachelor meme

Ouch! 🤣 😂 There’s nothing wrong in one’s decision of never marrying. Just that it one day makes into a great meme especially if you act all self-righteous and what-not! Also, who is to say that Sheikh sb won’t change his mind and finally get married?

4. PTI trolls’ being pretentious meme

I know the PTI trolls on the internet make everything about their leader and assume that Imran Khan’s marriage is the only thing on their opponents’ minds. Some might even find this tasteless but I included it because of the ‘situation’ caption plus the picture seems like the former premier and his daughter Maryam Nawaz are in a situation room monitoring something major. It’s a little funny one must admit.

5. The mocking-the-brides-veil meme

Oh, is that what the all the red on the bride’s face is? The nosebleed? 🤣 😂

6. The Talal Chaudhry dance meme

I doubt this is what the fierce opponent Talal Chaudhry is doing but for the sake of laugh, I had to squeeze this in.

7. The potential future Mrs. Imran Khan meme

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to this but we all know how mean Twitter can get. And thus, this twitter user has the picture of a potential future match.

8. The this will go down in history meme

Another pretentious meme from the PTI trolls thinking the Morakh (historian) will have this much free time that he will write about the handful of ‘liberals’ allegedly discouraging marriage but promoting ‘sex-outside-of-marriage’.


9. The let’s do charity to celebrate Imran Khan’s marriage meme

This isn’t that funny. This is… meh.